Samriddhi Child Saving scheme (SCSS)

Particular Terms Remarks
Minimum deposit Rs. 50/- Initial deposit
Period 12 months Fixed period
Frequency of transactions Twice in month 24 transactions
Rate of Interest 6% per annum Minimum float during the month
Interest payable Annually Credit in account
Lock-in period 6 months No cancellation till initial 6 months
Pre-maturity After 6 months Interest as per normal account
Collection charges 3% Of Monthly collection

Terms & Conditions:
  • The member’s child will get Gullak on payment of Rs. 100/- towards its cost.
  • The Gullak will remain locked and the keys will be with Samriddhi
  • The Advisor of Samriddhi will collect money fortnightly from the Gullak in presence of the members.
  • Maximum 2 Gullak’s will be provided to a family.
  • The members will have Gullak Bank account from its first deposit.
  • On maturity the Gullak will be taken back by SAMRIDDHI.

Membership is Rs. 10/- per member, payable extra.