SAMRIDDHI Recurring Deposit (SDDS)

Particular Terms
Period 9 Months 1 year 2 years
Minimum deposit Rs. 20 and multiple of Rs. 10
Frequency of transaction Daily
Rate of Interest 5.00% 9.00% 10.00%
Interest payable Daily Compounding
Lock-in Period 9 months 12 months 18 months
Premature payment 19-36 months (minus 3 % interest)
Recurring Deposit (SDDS)

Terms & Conditions:
  • Pre-mature payment facility is available subject to minimum lock-in period.
  • Pre-maturity will attract deduction @ 3.0 % on applicable rate of deposit.
  • The maturity amount will be transferred to Saving Account after 15 days.
  • No interest is payable after maturity of Deposit.

Loan facility is available only on regular account.

Loan can be availed upto 70% of deposit value (Principal plus interest credited till date).