SAMRIDDHI Weekly Deposit (SWD)

Particular Terms
Period 52 Weeks (12 months) 104 Weeks (24 months)
Minimum deposit Rs. 50 and multiple of Rs. 10
Frequency of transaction Weekly (4 times in a month)
Rate of Interest 6.00% 7.00%
Interest payable Annually Daily compounding
Lock-in Period 12 months 12 months
Premature payment 13-18 months (no interest on deposit)
19-24 months (minus 3% interest)

Terms & Conditions:
  • Pre-mature payment facility is available subject to minimum lock-in period.
  • Pre-maturity will attract deduction @ 3.0 % on applicable rate of deposit.
  • The maturity amount will be transferred to Saving Account after 15 days.
  • No interest is payable after maturity of Deposit.

Loan facility is available on deposit.

Loan can be availed upto 70% of deposit value (Principal plus interest credited till date).